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Enviroflame Technologies designs and builds the most cost-effective, fully functional, environmentally friendly, industrial high-volume water heaters on the market. We have developed heating technology that suits applications in the oilfield – like frac water heating – as well as in other industries that require high-volume water heating.

About Us

Energy Efficient
& Flexible

The Enviroflame Advantage

  • Built for extreme and remote winter oilfield operations
  • Tri-fuel burners: capable of running on natural gas, propane and diesel
  • Variable output temperature and flow rates
  • Lightweight and compact: easy to transport and to incorporate into tight spaces.

Founded in 2017, our goal is to use innovative technology and high-quality service to address the shortcomings of traditional oilfield water heating.

We use forced air burner technology and digital control technology to achieve an industry leading 95% heating efficiency. This compares to competing heaters with efficiencies in the 55% to 75% range.

Our proprietary exhaust heat capture system captures heat that would otherwise be wasted and redirects it back into the heating process. It reduces fuel consumption by up to 40% relative to competing heaters and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40% relative to competing heaters.


Remote Monitoring:

Fully digital control system allows for monitoring and data logging both on site and off site.

Remote off-site monitoring capability reduces on-site manpower requirements and provides for:

  • Supervisory monitoring
  • Data logging
  • Operator training


The Enviroflame

In addition to 24/7 onsite service, Enviroflame technicians can also remotely provide the following:

  • System diagnostics
  • Monitoring of changing system conditions and advice on required adjustments
  • Operator training

Ease of Operations

  • Lightweight, compact design is job site ready
  • Heaters can be integrated into completely closed environments for operational comfort and convenience – skid shacks, highway van trailers, intermodal sea containers and other customization options

Our industrial direct fired water heaters are non-pressurized with a fully enclosed flame, which means:

  • No operator certificates required
  • No annual regulatory inspections required
  • Eliminates the possibility of fire and burn hazards

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