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New addition to our line of water heaters

New addition to our line of water heaters 3

Our team is extremely excited to announce our latest model design, the EF430 high efficiency superheater package. This is without a doubt the best frac water heater that we have built to date and its performance is exceeding expectations in all areas. It was pre-sold, delivered and now out working on an inline heating project for a great customer in the US. Firing on natural gas or propane, 43MM btu fuel input with a true 40MM btu actual output (absorbed into the water). High water flows with impressive Delta T’s, and as always, while on full firing hold your bare hand over our exhaust stack as undeniable proof of our industry leading fuel efficiency. This unit was designed to be very customizable for operational features and capital expense budgets. Reach out to us for details on its performance specs and options available such as flow through inline heating, higher pressure water pumps, skidded style units, trailer style units, self priming capabilities, extensive safety features, operator control room, remote monitoring, just to name a few. The EF430 excels in all areas of oilfield frac water heating.